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"I put $6,000 dollars back in my pocket after switching out an Advantex septic system design with a Clearstream Wastewater System." - Michael Zipf

"Looking for savings? Switching out my Eco-Pod septic system design for a Clearstream Wastewater System saved me over $2,300.00"
- Carolyn Moran

"Alcat Precast saved me over $3,000 with a Clearstream Wastewater System. Changing out my Eco-Pod septic system design was fast, simple & cheap." - Susan Stephens

" The Clearstream ATUs have given us a quality, cost effective one tank solution. The one tank system allows for less property disturbance and a easy install in tight spaces and unstable soils. This system routinely saves customers money in installation & material costs. With the first two years maintenance included it's apparent your dealing with a company that stands behind their products."
- Tim Dawson, Dawson Excavating, Septic Contractor

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